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The Speeding Ticket No Points Process

We make it easy for you to get a traffic attorney to take care of your speeding tickets or other traffic law violations. The process is explained from beginning to end. If you have any questions about how we can help you, contact us today.

From Speeding Ticket to No Points Violation: The Process


Submit Your Speeding Ticket (or other Traffic Ticket)

You submit the information on your speeding ticket or other criminal/traffic summons to us now using the submission form on this page. Be sure your contact information is correct.


A Traffic Law Attorney will Respond and Contact You

The ticket information you submit will be reviewed by an attorney. You promptly will receive a FREE, no-obligation attorney fee quote and detailed description of the legal services offered.


Retain our Services as Your Traffic Law Attorneys

You retain us as your attorneys when you pay our attorney fee. An attorney-client relationship is created only by mutual agreement and the payment of the attorney fee as agreed. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover over the phone, PayPal online, checks by mail, and cash in person. Just let us know what's most convenient for you.


We Obtain a Plea Offer from the Prosecutor

Your traffic law attorney at our St. Louis speeding ticket law firm will enter his or her appearance open your behalf and represent you in traffic court. The attorney will work to obtain a plea bargain agreement with the prosecutor that results in no conviction for speeding on your driver record and no "points" on your driver license. Each case is unique and no 100% guarantees of a specific outcome ever can be made.


We Send You the Prosecutor's Plea Bargain Offer

When a prosecutor agrees to reduce a speeding ticket or other moving violation charge to a no-points violation, the written plea bargain agreement offered often is called the Prosecutor's Recommendation or "Rec." When we obtain the "Rec," it will be sent to with instructions of what you must do to accept the plea bargain offer. Typically, the Recommendation to amend a speeding charge or other moving violation charge to reduced, no-points violation is "accepted" by full payment to the Court of all fines and court costs by the pay date.


You Pay the Fine and Court Costs to Accept the Offer

When a plea agreement offer is made to amend a speeding ticket to a lesser, "no-points" violation (a "Rec" is issued by the prosecutor), it typically may be accepted by paying the (increased) fine and court costs before the pay date. The speeding charge or other moving violation is amended and the case is closed upon the Court's timely receipt of the increased fine and court costs set out in the plea offer.

This process guide is general in nature and is not is it intended to be legal advice on or guarantee a result in any specific legal case or matter. If you have questions about your ticket(s) or case(s) and would like to consult an experienced St. Louis traffic law attorney, contact us today for a free consultation.