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How does a St. Louis traffic attorney get speeding tickets and other traffic tickets reduced to "no point" violations that aren't reported on your driver record?

Missouri traffic law presumes a ticketed driver innocent until proven guilty. This basic criminal law right of accused drivers places the legal burden of proving guilt on the prosecutor. Unless the driver pleads guilty to the traffic law violation charged on the ticket (usually by signing the back), the prosecutor must win at trial to get a conviction.

The trial of a speeding ticket or other traffic violation case is expensive and time-consuming. Neither the prosecutor nor ticketed driver can be certain of the outcome in advance. Traffic ticket trials drain limited traffic court resources.

The Missouri traffic law and traffic court system works in a way that encourages plea bargaining to produce win-win deals for all involved. Drivers want to keep ticket convictions and "points" off their driver records and keep their insurance rates from going up. Prosecutors want to be certain that the outcome of case will best serve the jurisdiction they represent.

The result: Our traffic lawyers regularly obtain plea bargain agreements with prosecutors to amend speeding tickets and other moving violation points charges to non-moving violation no points infractions that do not show up on driver's records. In exchange for amending moving violation charges (points violations) to non-point, non-moving violations (no points), traffic court prosecutors typically increase the fine and sometimes require driving school completion and/or a period of probation.

If you have a speeding ticket that you want reduced to a non-moving, no-points violation, submit your ticket information to us now for a free, private no obligation traffic law attorney consultation and fee quote. Your questions will be answered by an experienced, reliable St. Louis traffic law defense attorney. We are traffic law professionals at the service of our clients. We treat our clients with the utmost dignity and respect and maintain the highest levels of personal service.

Our traffic law and criminal defense attorneys represent St. Louis area drivers on all types of traffic tickets for all types of moving violations in all traffic courts in and around St. Louis, MO.

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  • Keep points off your driver record
  • Keep your insurance rates from going up
  • Keep you from having to appear in traffic court
  • Keep you from having to go to a lawyer's office

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